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In the book “Purrieties of Language: How We Talk about Cats Online”, you may have found bits and pieces you would like to use for your own research. On this page here, resources have been made available for you. Feel free to use them, but please refer to the book when you do: 

Book cover

Data Collection

In the blog posts categorised “Purrieties of Language”, you get information about data collection done for the book and can download material.

Chapter 9 – Linguistic scratching posts: List of keywords

Chapter 10 – #StatsWithCats: Excel sheets with data

Chapter 11 – Cattitude and Purrception

The Book

Here is some additional material to be used: the citation (in APA style), the cover as a download, the link to the book’s website at Cambridge University Press, and the book’s promotional flyer

Podhovnik, E. (2023). Purrieties of Language: How We Talk about Cats Online. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

APA style

published by Cambridge University Press: https://www.cambridge.org/at/academic/subjects/languages-linguistics/sociolinguistics/purrieties-language-how-we-talk-about-cats-online?format=PB

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