Cats on the Net

In the digital spaces, I regularly come across publications focusing on cats. Enjoy the walk together with the cats on the Internet.

Please let me know of any other source you come across.

Cat-related Publications on the Internet

Patrick J. Owen, and Severine Lamon (2021). “Are Cats Good? An Important Study”. DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/V48D7

This study is a fun take on academic articles to be used as a scientific teaching and learning resource; can be disseminated freely und used for teaching – or cat-related purposes.

Naomi Truan (2022). “I am a real cat. French speaking cats on Twitter as an enregistered variety and community of practice”.

This study is an analysis of the language patterns used in French-language cat accounts.

Austin, J., & Irvine, L. (2020). “A Very Photogenic Cat”: Personhood, Social Status, and Online Cat Photo Sharing.

This study explores how domestic cats and their connections to humans are represented in a modern photo-sharing context through content analysis of Reddit, a popular social media website.

Shamayleh, Ghalia, and Zeynep Arsel. “Orchestrating Pet Influencers: Rhetorical and Visual Strategies in Creating Mediated Platform Content.” ACR North American Advances (2020).

This study looks at how people orchestrate their pet companions on social platforms. It provides a typology of performative storytelling.

Kate Miltner: LOL Cats. Dissertation. London School of Economics.

A dissertation discussing why cat memes are so popular on the internet.

Maria Nikolajevna (2009). “Devils, Demons, Familiars, Friends: Towards a Semiotics of Literary Cats”.

A journal article looking at the history of cats in literature.

Jessica  Gall Myrick (2015). Emotion regulation, procrastination, and watching cat videos online: Who watches Internet cats, why, and to what effect?

An empirical study on the effects of watching internet videos of cats.

Radha O’Meara (2014). “Do Cats Know They Rule YouTube? Surveillance and the Pleasures of Cat Videos.” M/C Journal. A Journal of Media and Culture. 17(2). Available on:

A study on what lies behind watching cat videos.

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