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In real life, cats fulfil certain roles, such as pet  and fellow creature. Apart from that, cats also appear as companions of evil, as heroes, tricksters, guardians, and healers. In popular culture, cats have played their part in children’s and young adult entertainment in TV series, eg. in The Smurfs and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.



In the TV series The Smurfs, the cat Azrael is the companion of the eveil wizard Gargamel. Just like in the Dark Ages for Cats, i.e. the Middle Ages when cats were regarded as companions of witches, Azrael has been portrayed as the sidekick of the baddie. Yet, according to The Smurfs Wikia (2014), Azrael has undergone a change from being an evil monster helping his master to catch Smurfs to a good companion with a new master.


Salem Saberhagen

Punished for trying to take over the world, Salem has been turned into  black cat and appears now as a regular cast member of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In the seriesSalem is the trickster, popular for his wit and his desire to make money and take over the world. Salem is played by four real cats and by a radio controlled animatronic cat (Van Arsdale, n.d.).


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The picture of Azrael was taken from here.

 The gif of Salem comes from here.

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