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Cats on the Internet

Cats have become famous on the internet. Furballs pop up on the web not only as cat memes with funny texts but also as real personalities. What should not be forgotten is that the cuteness factor has an economic impact. Cat merchandise and books bring money.

Here is an admittedly incomplete list of famous felines with their real and virtual goodies. Suggestions and additional information are welcome:

Social media stars:

  • The Grumpy Cat with memes, merchandise, TV appearances, facebook page, and more
  • Colonel Meow with facebook page, record holder with longest fur, sadly passed away in January 2014
  • Jarvis the Cross-eyed Cat with social media presence
  • Meatball the Fat Cat with social media presence
  • Henri the Existential Cat with social media presence
  • Nyan Cat with social media presence, computer games
  • Lil Bub with twitter, youtube, facebook, website
  • Sockington with twitter

Cats with literary ambitions:

  • Streetcat Bob with his books, facebook page, twitter account
  • Homer the Blind Wondercat with books, facebook page, twitter account

Here is a graph showing the internet’s most popular cats. It is from November 2013 and shows the fans and followers of selected cat accounts on facebook and twitter:

Cats on the Internet

Cats on the Internet


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