Meow the 44th – Human Interest Story

Any current affairs story can be given a human interest angle in a feature story. And cats in a story make humans even more interested in the story.

The story about the tweeted cat pictures in the Brussell’s terrorist crackdown is a really good example of a current affairs story going viral all over the world. From Spanish to Italian, French, English, German, and Russian speaking media, the cat pictures captured the humans’ interest all over the world.

Cat tweets #BrusselsLockdown

Los-gatos-invaden-redes-operacion-antiterrorista-belgica (T13. Chile)

I belgi rispondono ai terroristi con i gatti (TPI. Italy)

National emergency? Belgians respond to terror raids with cats. (The Guardian. UK)

Mit Katzen gegen den Terror (Kleine Zeitung. Austria)

Вместо рассказа о спецоперации в Брюсселе блогеры заполнили соцсети кошками ( Russia)

Perhaps “cats” should be added to the already existing news values.

(Please click on the link on the picture for the source).

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Edith Podhovnik

a linguist researching language #purrieties and #meowlogism-s •alumna of SwanseaUni • loves cats • writes about cats

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