Cat-related Keywords and Platforms: The Excel Sheets

Where do cat afficionados use which feline-inspired words?Here’s a roundup – based on the surveys I did for my book “Purrieties of Language: How We Talk about Cats Online” (due out in February 2023). Or put differently, the analysis of all the words collected for cat-related keywords has produced long lists of words.

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In dialectology and lexicology, we want to record all the different words, forms, spellings, and the like because we find them interesting. Now all those list of words usually take up a lot of space and are perhaps not reader friendly but (and that is a big ‘but’) we want to provide them for anyone who would like to check out the various words and the locations they occurred in. In teh cat-related digital spaces, the locations are not geographic but digital: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

While the words and locations are in the Appendix in the book, I am including the Excel file with the data. The first sheet is raw data, and the other sheets are Pivot tables for the keywords PAW, MEOW, PURR, CAT, FLOOF/FLUFF. Depending on the direction in which the Pivot tables are created, we get either the each individual form and the platform the form occurs on a list of forms for each platform.

Screenshot Excel Sheet
Screenshot FLUFF/FLOOF

Feel free to download the data for your own research, but please refer the my book when you use my data.

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