Meow #69 Add on: Catvertising – ABSRC Conference Presentation

Advances in Business-Related Scientific Research Conference in Milan, Italy, 9 – 10 November 2017

Catvertising – The Appeal of Cats in Advertising


The research project on catvertising looks at the appeal of cats in advertising with a view to the online phenomenon of internet cats.

The media report that catvertising is successful also for products that are not directly linked to cats. Additionally, images of cats are often used as click bait on the internet.

In focus group interviews with business students and lecturers in Austria, the questions of why catvertising is so successful and what connects internet cats to advertising are discussed. A qualitative data analysis provides insights into the appeal of catvertising and brand awareness increased by the use of cat images.

The research on catvertising is part of a larger research project on the popularity of cats in the public sphere.

Key Words

Catvertising, Marketing, Internet, Advertising, Cats

Topic Groups

Digital marketing, Qualitative and quantitative comparative analysis in business

Check out the presentation here: Catvertising Conference Presentation

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