Meow the 73rd – Railway Cat

Has the Austrian Railway Company been taken by surprise by a cat? Probably, yes. As a result of the public reaction to a facebook post with a cat , the railway company has published another cat posting.

The first post showing a traveller’s cat napping on the table in a train received many more likes, comments, and shares than other posts on the company’s facebook page. While the caption plays on the cat angle with “What we were going to say: it’s because of the transport box! But let’s be honest: CAAAAAT”, the company’s social media people were probably not aware of the cat effect on social media.

Post 1

“So much attention because of a cat in the train – to be honest, we were (positively) suprised”, said the caption of the second post, showing the company’s CEO with his cat Sebastian. The post then urges customers to think about shelter animals, thus including a CSR spin.

Post 2

Whether it is the cat or the #adoptdontshop angle, the second post has also attracted public reaction greater than usual.

Featured image: Archives New Zealand, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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