Meow the 71st – #meowlogism

Cats meow, humans speak. But what happens when this seemingly simple fact is changed and turned around? What sounds like a futuristic view is already an online fact: cats use human language and people meow. Cat accounts and meowlogisms are already here.

After the internet, cats have now taken it on themselves to make human language their own. With their humans’ help, cats share insights into their daily lives in their very own social media accounts and leave their scratchmarks in tweets, captions, and comments. A meowlogism’s the purrfect tool for a pawsome online furball, aka cat.

Though the hashtag #meowlogism is not trending yet on twitter, meowlogisms are left behind as paw prints in the English language. Any human who has been well-trained by the cat uses the cat’s own “meow, purr, claw, hiss, fur, paw” as often as paw-ssible whenever the similarity in pronunciation or spelling purr-mits.

And a cat would not be a cat if she (or purr-haps he) did not want to be linguistically pam-purred with paw-sitions, such as #ambassadacat, treasurymog, diplomog, and other spokes-cats.

On twitter, spokes-cat Murrli tweets the meowlogisms her human comes across on social media platforms, which purr-haps should be renamed  ‘social media scratch posts’ now.

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Edith Podhovnik

a linguist researching language #purrieties and #meowlogism-s •alumna of SwanseaUni • loves cats • writes about cats

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