Meow the Twelfth – Feline Fascination

Feline fascination is an overpowering sensation which people fall prey to. Cat charm is very appealing for newspapers as cat stories attract readers, clicks, re-tweets, and shares.

Feline fascination also works enormously well for advertisers. In their eyes, one cannot go wrong with animals and children. And cats are an obvious choice as they are very good in trapping humans with their furry appeal.

Feline fascination is cat cuteness. The newspapers Daily Mail (UK), Kronen Zeitung (Austria), and Komsomolskaya Pravda (Russia) regularly feature cat stories. Mostly these stories fall into the category “cute cat stories”.

Feline fascination is a number of factors. The Meow Factor wants to shed light on these factors and is planning to do a survey with newspaper editors to find out why they follow the cat craze that has been sweeping the internet for years now.

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Edith Podhovnik

a linguist researching language #purrieties and #meowlogism-s •alumna of SwanseaUni • loves cats • writes about cats

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    […] are clearly a part of human life across cultures is apparent in the many videos, countless memes, the multitude of cat stories, and languages. Taking away cats means taking away a big chunk of human […]

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