Meow the 58th – Britcats

Pop Culture … Pop Cats … Britcats. A bachelor’s thesis project presents cats in their roles in British popular culture.

The web feature story “Expurrliamus – Cats and their Role in Contemporary British Pop Culture” focuses on cats in Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Alice in Wonderland, and James Bond.

The parts of the feature story are called “God Save the Cats”, “Just Keep Grinning”, “In the Service of Her Meowjesty”, “Expurrminate”, and “Expurrliamus” and are based on a qualitative content analysis.


Jessica Braunegger (2016) Expurrliamus – Cats and their Role in Contemporary British Pop Culture. Unpublished BA Thesis. Institute of Media & Design. University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum, Graz

Jessica Braunegger (2016) Britcats. Retrieved 25 July 2016 from:


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Edith Podhovnik

a linguist researching language #purrieties and #meowlogism-s •alumna of SwanseaUni • loves cats • writes about cats

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